Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cricket-related comments...

Since February 2007, I have moved all my cricket-related ramblings to a multi-contributor blog named i3j3. Please visit http://i3j3cricket.wordpress.com for my cricket-related views.


  1. Hey Mohan,

    Got here from the i3j3 blog, have to say you guys are doing a great job there.

    I run a web2.0 company Frocca. We are on the lookout for guest columnist's for our Indian Cricket League related website. It is currently #1 on google ranking for "Indian Cricket League" and with the features we have planned - we expect it to become the top resource for the ICL once it gains steam.

    We would be happy to publish any articles on the ICL that represent your opinion, with a link to your blog so that you can get some more exposure and coverage.

    Email me if you interested, and we'll take it from there.

    Clive Fernandes

  2. http://www.indiascricketworld.blogspot.com